The console script symilar finds copy pasted blocks in a set of files. It provides a command line interface to the Similar class, which includes the logic for Pylint's duplicate-code message. It can be invoked with:

symilar [-d|--duplicates min_duplicated_lines] [-i|--ignore-comments] [--ignore-docstrings] [--ignore-imports] [--ignore-signatures] file1...

All files that shall be checked have to be passed in explicitly, e.g.:

symilar,, subpackage/, subpackage/

symilar produces output like the following:

17 similar lines in 2 files
  class Ancestor:
      """ Ancestor method """
      cls_member = DoNothing()

      def __init__(self, value):
          local_variable = 0
          self.attr = 'this method shouldn\'t have a docstring'
          self.__value = value

      def get_value(self):
          """ nice docstring ;-) """
          return self.__value

      def set_value(self, value):
          self.__value = value
          return 'this method shouldn\'t have a docstring'
TOTAL lines=58 duplicates=17 percent=29.31