Command line installation#

Pylint is installable using a package manager. Your package manager will find a version that works with your interpreter. We recommend pip:

pip install pylint

Use the newest Python interpreter if you can.

It's possible to analyse code written for older interpreters by using the py-version option and setting it to the old interpreter. For example you can check that there are no f-strings in Python 3.5 code using Python 3.8 with an up-to-date pylint even if Python 3.5 is past end of life (EOL).

We do not guarantee that py-version will work for all EOL python interpreters indefinitely, (for anything before python 3.5, it probably won't). If a newer version does not work for you, the best available pylint might be an old version that works with your old interpreter but without the bug fixes and features of later versions.


You can also use conda or your system package manager on debian based OS. These package managers lag a little behind as they are maintained by a separate entity on a slower release cycle.

conda install pylint
sudo apt-get install pylint