Command line installationΒΆ

Pylint is installable using a package manager. Your package manager will find a version that works with your interpreter. We recommend pip:

pip install pylint

Or if you want to also check spelling with enchant (you might need to install the enchant C library):

pip install pylint[spelling]

The newest pylint supports all Python interpreters that are not past end of life.

We recommend to use the latest interpreter because we rely on the ast builtin module that gets better with each new Python interpreter. For example a Python 3.6 interpreter can't analyse 3.8 syntax (amongst others, because of the new walrus operator) while a 3.8 interpreter can also deal with Python 3.6. See using pylint with multiple interpreters for more details.


You can also use conda or your system package manager on debian based OS. These package managers lag a little behind as they are maintained by a separate entity on a slower release cycle.

conda install pylint
sudo apt-get install pylint