Full changelog

What's New in Pylint 1.7.1?

Release date: 2017-04-17

  • Fix a false positive which occurred when an exception was reraised

    Closes #1419

  • Fix a false positive of disallow-trailing-tuple

    The check was improved by verifying for non-terminating newlines, which should exempt function calls and function definitions from the check

    Closes #1424

What's New in Pylint 1.7?

Release date: 2017-04-13

  • Don't emit missing-final-newline or trailing-whitespace for formfeeds (page breaks).

    Closes #1218 and #1219

  • Don't emit by default no-member if we have opaque inference objects in the inference results

    This is controlled through the new flag ignore-on-opaque-inference, which is by default True. The inference can return multiple potential results while evaluating a Python object, but some branches might not be evaluated, which results in partial inference. In that case, it might be useful to still emit no-member and other checks for the rest of the inferred objects.

  • Added new message assign-to-new-keyword to warn about assigning to names which will become a keyword in future Python releases.

    Closes #1351

  • Split the 'missing or differing' in parameter documentation in different error. 'differing-param-doc' covers the differing part of the old 'missing-param-doc', and 'differing-type-doc' covers the differing part of the old 'missing-type-doc'

    Closes #1342

  • Added a new error, 'used-prior-global-declaration', which is emitted when a name is used prior a global declaration in a function. This causes a SyntaxError in Python 3.6

    Closes #1257

  • The protocol checks are emitting their messages when a special method is set to None.

    Closes #1263

  • Properly detect if imported name is assigned to same name in different scope.

    Closes #636, #848, #851, and #900

  • Require one space for annotations with type hints, as per PEP 8.

  • 'trailing-comma-tuple' check was added

    This message is emitted when pylint finds an one-element tuple, created by a stray comma. This can suggest a potential problem in the code and it is recommended to use parentheses in order to emphasise the creation of a tuple, rather than relying on the comma itself.

  • Don't emit not-callable for instances with unknown bases.

    Closes #1213

  • Treat keyword only arguments the same as positional arguments with regard to unused-argument check

  • Don't try to access variables defined in a separate scope when checking for protected-access

  • Added new check to detect incorrect usage of len(SEQUENCE) inside test conditions.

  • Added new extension to detect comparisons against empty string constants

  • Added new extension to detect comparisons of integers against zero

  • Added new error conditions for 'bad-super-call'

    Now detects super(type(self), self) and super(self.__class__, self) which can lead to recursion loop in derived classes.

  • PyLinter.should_analyze_file has a new optional parameter, called is_argument

    Closes #1079

  • Add attribute hints for missing members

    Closes #1035

  • Add a new warning, 'redefined-argument-from-local'

    Closes #649

  • Support inline comments for comma separated values in the config file

    Closes #1024

  • epylint.py_run's script parameter was removed.

  • epylint.py_run now uses shell=False for running the underlying process.

    Closes #441

  • Added a new warning, 'useless-super-delegation'

    Close 839.

  • Added a new error, 'invalid-metaclass', raised when we can detect that a class is using an improper metaclass.

    Closes #579

  • Added a new refactoring message, 'literal-comparison'.

    Closes #786

  • arguments-differ takes in consideration kwonlyargs and variadics

    Closes #983

  • Removed --optimized-ast

    Fixes part of #975

  • Removed --files-output option

    Fixes part of #975

  • Removed pylint-gui from the package.

  • Removed the HTML reporter

    Fixes part of #975

  • ignored-argument-names is now used for ignoring arguments for unused-variable check.

    This option was used for ignoring arguments when computing the correct number of arguments a function should have, but for handling the arguments with regard to unused-variable check, dummy-variables-rgx was used instead. Now, ignored-argument-names is used for its original purpose and also for ignoring the matched arguments for the unused-variable check. This offers a better control of what should be ignored and how. Also, the same option was moved from the design checker to the variables checker, which means that the option now appears under the [VARIABLES] section inside the configuration file.

    Closes #862.

  • Fix a false positive for keyword variadics with regard to keyword only arguments.

    If a keyword only argument was necessary for a function, but that function was called with keyword variadics (**kwargs), then we were emitting a missing-kwoa false positive, which is now fixed.

    Closes #934.

  • Fix some false positives with unknown sized variadics.

    Closes #878

  • Added a new extension, check_docstring, for checking PEP 257 conventions.

    Closes #868.

  • config files with BOM markers can now be read.

    Closes #864.

  • epylint.py_run does not crash on big files, using .communicate() instead of .wait()

    Closes #599

  • Disable reports by default and show the evaluation score by default

    The reports were disabled by default in order to simplify the interaction between the tool and the users. The score is still shown by default, as a way of closely measuring when it increases or decreases due to changes brought to the code.

    Refs #746

  • Disable the information category messages by default. This is a step towards making pylint more sane.

    Refs #746.

  • Catch more cases as not proper iterables for __slots__ with regard to invalid-slots pattern.

    Closes #775

  • empty indent strings are rejected.

  • Added a new error, 'relative-beyond-top-level', which is emitted when a relative import was attempted beyond the top level package.

    Closes #588

  • Added a new warning, 'unsupported-assignment-operation', which is emitted when item assignment is tried on an object which doesn't have this ability.

    Closes #591

  • Added a new warning, 'unsupported-delete-operation', which is emitted when item deletion is tried on an object which doesn't have this ability.

    Closes #592

  • Fix a false positive of 'redundant-returns-doc', occurred when the documented function was using yield instead of return.

    Closes #984.

  • Fix false positives of 'missing-[raises|params|type]-doc' due to not recognizing keyword synonyms supported by Sphinx.

  • Added a new refactoring message, 'consider-merging-isinstance', which is emitted whenever we can detect that consecutive isinstance calls can be merged together.

    Closes #968

  • Fix a false positive of 'missing-param-doc' and 'missing-type-doc', occurred when a class docstring uses the 'For the parameters, see' magic string but the class __init__ docstring does not, or vice versa.

  • redefined-outer-name is now also emitted when a nested loop's target variable is the same as a target variable in an outer loop.

    Closes #911.

  • Added proper exception type inference for 'missing-raises-doc'.

  • Added InvalidMessageError exception class to replace asserts in pylint.utils.

  • More thorough validation in MessagesStore.register_messages() to avoid one message accidentally overwriting another.

  • InvalidMessageError, UnknownMessage, and EmptyReport exceptions are moved to the new pylint.exceptions submodule.

  • UnknownMessage and EmptyReport are renamed to UnknownMessageError and EmptyReportError.

  • Warnings 'missing-returns-type-doc' and 'missing-yields-type-doc' have each been split into two warnings - 'missing-[return|yield]-doc' and 'missing-[return|yield]-type-doc'.

  • Added epytext support to docparams extension.

    Closes #1029

  • Support having plugins with the same name and with options defined

    Closes #1018

  • Sort configuration options in a section

    Closes #1087

  • Added a new Python 3 warning around implementing '__div__', '__idiv__', or '__rdiv__' as those methods are phased out in Python 3.

  • Added a new warning, 'overlapping-except', which is emitted when two exceptions in the same except-clause are aliases for each other or one exceptions is an ancestor of another.

  • Avoid crashing on ill-formatted strings when checking for string formatting errors.

  • Added a new Python 3 warning for calling 'str.encode' or 'str.decode' with a non-text encoding.

  • Added new coding convention message, 'single-string-used-for-slots'.

    Closes #1166

  • Added a new Python 3 check for accessing 'sys.maxint' which was removed in Python 3 in favor of 'sys.maxsize'

  • Added a new Python 3 check for bad imports.

  • Added a new Python 3 check for accessing deprecated string functions.

  • Do not warn about unused arguments or function being redefined in singledispatch registered implementations.

    Closes #1032 and #1034

  • Added refactoring message 'no-else-return'.

  • Improve unused-variable checker to warn about unused variables in module scope.

    Closes #919

  • Ignore modules import as _ when checking for unused imports.

    Closes #1190

  • Improve handing of Python 3 classes with metaclasses declared in nested scopes.

    Closes #1177

  • Added refactoring message 'consider-using-ternary'.

    Closes #1204

  • Bug-fix for false-positive logging-format-interpolation` when format specifications are used in formatted string.

    Closes #572

  • Added a new switch single-line-class-stmt to allow single-line declaration of empty class bodies.

    Closes #738

  • Protected access in form type(self)._attribute are now allowed.

    Closes #1031

  • Let the user modify msg-template when Pylint is called from a Python script

    Closes #1269

  • Imports checker supports new switch allow-wildcard-with-all which disables warning on wildcard import when imported module defines __all__ variable.

    Closes #831

  • too-many-format-args and too-few-format-args are emitted correctly when starred expression are used in RHS tuple.

    Closes #957

  • cyclic-import checker supports local disable clauses. When one of cycle imports was done in scope where disable clause was active, cycle is not reported as violation.

    Closes #59