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What's New in Pylint 2.2.2?

Release date: 2018-11-28

  • Change the logging-format-style to use name identifier instead of their corresponding Python identifiers

    This is to prevent users having to think about escaping the default value for logging-format-style in the generated config file. Also our config parsing utilities don't quite support escaped values when it comes to choices detection, so this would have needed various hacks around that.

    Closes #2614

What's New in Pylint 2.2.1?

Release date: 2018-11-27

  • Fix a crash caused by implicit-str-concat-in-sequence and multi-bytes characters.

    Closes #2610

What's New in Pylint 2.2?

Release date: 2018-11-25

  • Consider range() objects for undefined-loop-variable leaking from iteration.

    Closes #2533

  • deprecated-method can use the attribute name for identifying a deprecated method

Previously we were using the fully qualified name, which we still do, but the fully qualified name for some unittest deprecated aliases leads to a generic deprecation function. Instead on relying on that, we now also rely on the attribute name, which should solve some false positives.

Closes #1653 Closes #1946

  • Fix compatibility with changes to stdlib tokenizer.

  • pylint is less eager to consume the whole line for pragmas

    Closes #2485

  • Obtain the correct number of CPUs for virtualized or containerized environments.

    Closes #2519

  • Change unbalanced-tuple-unpacking back to a warning.

It used to be a warning until a couple of years ago, after it was promoted to an error. But the check might be suggesting the wrong thing in some cases, for instance when checking against sys.argv which cannot be known at static analysis time. Given it might rely on potential unknown data, it's best to have it as a warning.

Closes #2522

  • Remove enumerate usage suggestion when defining __iter__ (C0200)

    Closes #2477

  • Emit too-many-starred-assignment only when the number of Starred nodes is per assignment elements

    Closes #2513

  • try-except-raise checker now handles multilevel inheritance hirerachy for exceptions correctly.

    Closes #2484

  • Add a new check, simplifiable-if-expression for expressions like True if cond else False.

    Closes #2487

  • too-few-public-methods is not reported for typing.NamedTuple

    Closes #2459

  • `too-few-public-methods is not reported for dataclasses created with options.

    Closes #2488

  • Remove wrong modules from 'bad-python3-import'.

    Closes #2453

  • The json reporter prints an empty list when no messages are emitted

    Closes #2446

  • Add a new check, duplicate-string-formatting-argument

This new check is emitted whenever a duplicate string formatting argument is found.

Closes #497

  • assignment-from-no-return is not emitted for coroutines.

    Closes #1715

  • Report format string type mismatches.

  • consider-using-ternary and simplified-boolean-expression no longer emit for sequence based checks

    Closes #2473

  • Handle AstroidSyntaxError when trying to import a module.

    Closes #2313

  • Allow __module__ to be redefined at a class level.

    Closes #2451

  • pylint used to emit an unused-variable error if unused import was found in the function. Now instead of unused-variable, unused-import is emitted.

    Closes #2421

  • Handle asyncio.coroutine when looking for not-an-iterable check.

    Closes #996

  • The locally-enabled check is gone.

    Closes #2442

  • Infer decorated methods when looking for method-hidden

    Closes #2369

  • Pick the latest value from the inferred values when looking for raising-non-exception

    Closes #2431

  • Extend the TYPE_CHECKING guard to TYPE_CHECKING name as well, not just the attribute

    Closes #2411

  • Ignore import x.y.z as z cases for checker useless-import-alias.

    Closes #2309

  • Fix false positive undefined-variable and used-before-assignment with nonlocal keyword usage.

    Closes #2049

  • Stop protected-access exception for missing class attributes

  • Don't emit assignment-from-no-return for decorated function nodes

    Closes #2385

  • unnecessary-pass is now also emitted when a function or class contains only docstring and pass statement.

    In Python, stubbed functions often have a body that contains just a single pass statement, indicating that the function doesn't do anything. However, a stubbed function can also have just a docstring, and function with a docstring and no body also does nothing.

    Closes #2208

  • duplicate-argument-name is emitted for more than one duplicate argument per function

    Closes #1712

  • Allow double indentation levels for more distinguishable indentations

    Closes #741

  • Consider tuples in exception handler for try-except-raise.

    Closes #2389

  • Fix astroid.ClassDef check in checkers.utils.is_subclass_of

  • Fix wildcard imports being ignored by the import checker

  • Fix external/internal distinction being broken in the import graph

  • Fix wildcard import check not skipping __init__.py

    Closes #2430

  • Add new option to logging checker, logging_format_style

  • Fix --ignore-imports to understand multi-line imports

    Closes #1422 Closes #2019

  • Add a new check 'implicit-str-concat-in-sequence' to spot string concatenation inside lists, sets & tuples.

  • literal-comparison is now emitted for 0 and 1 literals.