line-too-long / C0301ΒΆ

Message emitted:

Line too long (%s/%s)


Used when a line is longer than a given number of characters.

Problematic code:

# +1: [line-too-long]
FRUIT = ["apricot", "blackcurrant", "cantaloupe", "dragon fruit", "elderberry", "fig", "grapefruit", ]

Correct code:

    "dragon fruit",

Configuration file:


Additional details:

Pragma controls such as # pylint: disable=all are not counted toward line length for the purposes of this message.

If you attempt to disable this message via # pylint: disable=line-too-long in a module with no code, you may receive a message for useless-suppression. This is a false positive of useless-suppression we can't easily fix.

See for more information.

Created by the format checker.