What's New In Pylint 1.1ΒΆ

Release date: 2013-12-22

  • Add new check for use of deprecated pragma directives "pylint:disable-msg" or "pylint:enable-msg" (I0022, deprecated-pragma) which was previously emitted as a regular warn().

  • Avoid false used-before-assignment for except handler defined identifier used on the same line.

    Closes #111

  • Combine 'no-space-after-operator', 'no-space-after-comma' and 'no-space-before-operator' into a new warning 'bad-whitespace'.

  • Add a new warning 'superfluous-parens' for unnecessary parentheses after certain keywords.

  • Fix a potential crash in the redefine-in-handler warning if the redefined name is a nested getattr node.

  • Add a new option for the multi-statement warning to allow single-line if statements.

  • Add 'bad-context-manager' error, checking that '__exit__' special method accepts the right number of arguments.

  • Run pylint as a python module 'python -m pylint' (Anatoly Techtonik).

  • Check for non-exception classes inside an except clause.

  • epylint support options to give to pylint after the file to analyze and have basic input validation, patches provided by felipeochoa and Brian Lane.

    Closes BitBucket #53 Closes BitBucket #54

  • Added a new warning, 'non-iterator-returned', for non-iterators returned by '__iter__'.

  • Add new checks for unpacking non-sequences in assignments (unpacking-non-sequence) as well as unbalanced tuple unpacking (unbalanced-tuple-unpacking).

  • useless-else-on-loop not emitted if there is a break in the else clause of inner loop.

    Closes #117

  • don't mark input as a bad function when using python3.

    Closes #110

  • badly-implemented-container caused several problems in its current implementation. Deactivate it until we have something better.

    Refs #112

  • Use attribute regexp for properties in python3, as in python2

  • Create the PYLINTHOME directory when needed, it might fail and lead to spurious warnings on import of pylint.config.

  • Fix setup.py so that pylint properly install on Windows when using python3

  • Various documentation fixes and enhancements

  • Fix a false-positive trailing-whitespace on Windows

    Closes #55