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What's New in Pylint 2.10.2?

Release date: 2021-08-21

  • We now use platformdirs instead of appdirs since the latter is not maintained.

    Closes #4886

  • Fix a crash in the checker raising shallow-copy-environ when failing to infer on copy.copy

    Closes #4891

What's New in Pylint 2.10.1?

Release date: 2021-08-20

  • pylint does not crash when PYLINT_HOME does not exist.

    Closes #4883

What's New in Pylint 2.10.0?

Release date: 2021-08-20

  • pyreverse: add option to produce colored output.

    Closes #4488

  • pyreverse: add output in PlantUML format.

    Closes #4498

  • consider-using-with is no longer triggered if a context manager is returned from a function.

    Closes #4748

  • pylint does not crash with a traceback anymore when a file is problematic. It creates a template text file for opening an issue on the bug tracker instead. The linting can go on for other non problematic files instead of being impossible.

  • pyreverse: Show class has-a relationships inferred from the type-hint

    Closes #4744

  • Fixed a crash when importing beyond the top level package during import-error message creation

    Closes #4775

  • Added ignored-parents option to the design checker to ignore specific classes from the too-many-ancestors check (R0901).

    Fixes part of #3057

  • Added unspecified-encoding: Emitted when open() is called without specifying an encoding

    Closes #3826

  • Improved the Similarity checker performance. Fix issue with --min-similarity-lines used with --jobs.

    Closes #4120 Closes #4118

  • Don't emit no-member error if guarded behind if statement.

    Refs #1162 Closes #1990 Closes #4168

  • The default for PYLINTHOME is now the standard XDG_CACHE_HOME, and pylint now uses appdirs.

    Closes #3878

  • Added use-list-literal: Emitted when list() is called with no arguments instead of using []

    Closes #4365

  • Added use-dict-literal: Emitted when dict() is called with no arguments instead of using {}

    Closes #4365

  • Added optional extension consider-ternary-expression: Emitted whenever a variable is assigned in both branches of an if/else block.

    Closes # 4366

  • Added optional extension while-used: Emitted whenever a while loop is used.

    Closes # 4367

  • Added forgotten-debug-statement: Emitted when breakpoint, pdb.set_trace or sys.breakpointhook calls are found

    Closes #3692

  • Fix false-positive of unused-private-member when using nested functions in a class

    Closes #4673

  • Fix crash for unused-private-member that occurred with nested attributes.

    Closes #4755

  • Fix a false positive for unused-private-member with class names

    Closes #4681

  • Fix false positives for superfluous-parens with walrus operator, ternary operator and inside list comprehension.

    Closes #2818 Closes #3249 Closes #3608 Closes #4346

  • Added format-string-without-interpolation checker: Emitted when formatting is applied to a string without any variables to be replaced

    Closes #4042

  • Refactor of --list-msgs & --list-msgs-enabled: both options now show whether messages are emittable with the current interpreter.

    Closes #4778

  • Fix false negative for used-before-assignment when the variable is assigned in an exception handler, but used outside of the handler.

    Closes #626

  • Added disable-next option: allows using # pylint: disable-next=msgid to disable a message for the following line

    Closes #1682

  • Added redundant-u-string-prefix checker: Emitted when the u prefix is added to a string

    Closes #4102

  • Fixed cell-var-from-loop checker: handle cell variables in comprehensions within functions, and function default argument expressions. Also handle basic variable shadowing.

    Closes #2846 Closes #3107

  • Fixed bug with cell-var-from-loop checker: it no longer has false negatives when both unused-variable and used-before-assignment are disabled.

  • Fix false positive for invalid-all-format if the list or tuple builtin functions are used

    Closes #4711

  • Config files can now contain environment variables

    Closes #3839

  • Fix false-positive used-before-assignment with an assignment expression in a Return node

    Closes #4828

  • Added use-sequence-for-iteration: Emitted when iterating over an in-place defined set.

  • CodeStyleChecker

    • Limit consider-using-tuple to be emitted only for in-place defined lists.

    • Emit consider-using-tuple even if list contains a starred expression.

  • Ignore decorators lines by similarities checker when ignore signatures flag enabled

    Closes #4839

  • Allow true and false values in pylintrc for better compatibility with toml config.

  • Class methods' signatures are ignored the same way as functions' with similarities "ignore-signatures" option enabled

    Closes #4653

  • Improve performance when inferring Call nodes, by utilizing caching.

  • Improve error message for invalid-metaclass when the node is an Instance.