missing-any-param-doc / W9021ΒΆ

Message emitted:

Missing any documentation in "%s"


Please add parameter and/or type documentation.

Problematic code:

def puppies(head, tail):  # [missing-any-param-doc]
    """Print puppy's details."""
    print(head, tail)

Correct code:

def puppies(head: str, tail: str):
    """Print puppy's details.

    :param head: description of the head of the dog
    :param tail: description of the tail of the dog
    print(head, tail)

Configuration file:

load-plugins = pylint.extensions.docparams
accept-no-param-doc = false


This message is emitted by the optional 'parameter_documentation' checker, which requires the pylint.extensions.docparams plugin to be loaded.

Created by the parameter_documentation checker.