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What's New in Pylint 2.14.5?

Release date: 2022-07-17

  • Fixed a crash in the undefined-loop-variable check when enumerate() is used in a ternary expression.

    Closes #7131

  • Fixed handling of -- as separator between positional arguments and flags.

    Closes #7003

  • Fixed the disabling of fixme and its interaction with useless-suppression.

  • Allow lists of default values in parameter documentation for Numpy style.

    Closes #4035

What's New in Pylint 2.14.4?

Release date: 2022-06-29

  • The differing-param-doc check was triggered by positional only arguments.

    Closes #6950

  • Fixed an issue where scanning . directory recursively with --ignore-path=^path/to/dir is not ignoring the path/to/dir directory.

    Closes #6964

  • Fixed regression that didn't allow quoted init-hooks in option files.

    Closes #7006

  • Fixed a false positive for modified-iterating-dict when updating an existing key.

    Closes #6179

  • Fixed an issue where many-core Windows machines (>~60 logical processors) would hang when using the default jobs count.

    Closes #6965

  • Fixed an issue with the recognition of setup.cfg files. Only .cfg files that are exactly named setup.cfg require section names that start with pylint..

    Closes #3630

  • Don't report import-private-name for relative imports.

    Closes #7078

What's New in Pylint 2.14.3?

Release date: 2022-06-18

  • Fixed two false positives for bad-super-call for calls that refer to a non-direct parent.

    Closes #4922, Closes #2903

  • Fixed a false positive for useless-super-delegation for subclasses that specify the number of of parameters against a parent that uses a variadic argument.

    Closes #2270

  • Allow suppressing undefined-loop-variable and undefined-variable without raising useless-suppression.

  • Fixed false positive for undefined-variable for __class__ in inner methods.

    Closes #4032

What's New in Pylint 2.14.2?

Release date: 2022-06-15

  • Fixed a false positive for unused-variable when a function returns an argparse.Namespace object.

    Closes #6895

  • Avoided raising an identical undefined-loop-variable message twice on the same line.

  • Don't crash if lint.run._query_cpu() is run within a Kubernetes Pod, that has only a fraction of a cpu core assigned. Just go with one process then.

    Closes #6902

  • Fixed a false positive in consider-using-f-string if the left side of a % is not a string.

    Closes #6689

  • Fixed a false positive in unnecessary-list-index-lookup and unnecessary-dict-index-lookup when the subscript is updated in the body of a nested loop.

    Closes #6818

  • Fixed an issue with multi-line init-hook options which did not record the line endings.

    Closes #6888

  • Fixed a false positive for used-before-assignment when a try block returns but an except handler defines a name via type annotation.

  • --errors-only no longer enables previously disabled messages. It was acting as "emit all and only error messages" without being clearly documented that way.

    Closes #6811

What's New in Pylint 2.14.1?

Release date: 2022-06-06

  • Avoid reporting unnecessary-dict-index-lookup or unnecessary-list-index-lookup when the index lookup is part of a destructuring assignment.

    Closes #6788

  • Fixed parsing of unrelated options in tox.ini.

    Closes #6800

  • Fixed a crash when linting __new__() methods that return a call expression.

    Closes #6805

  • Don't crash if we can't find the user's home directory.

    Closes #6802

  • Fixed false positives for unused-import when aliasing typing e.g. as t and guarding imports under t.TYPE_CHECKING.

    Closes #3846

  • Fixed a false positive regression in 2.13 for used-before-assignment where it is safe to rely on a name defined only in an except block because the else block returned.

    Closes #6790

  • Fixed the use of abbreviations for some special options on the command line.

    Closes #6810

  • Fix a crash in the optional pylint.extensions.private_import extension.

    Closes #6624

  • bad-option-value (E0012) is now a warning unknown-option-value (W0012). Deleted messages that do not exist anymore in pylint now raise useless-option-value (R0022) instead of bad-option-value. This allows to distinguish between genuine typos and configuration that could be cleaned up. Existing message disables for bad-option-value will still work on both new messages.

    Refs #6794

What's New in Pylint 2.14.0?

Release date: 2022-06-01

  • The refactoring checker now also raises 'consider-using-generator' messages for max(), min() and sum().

    Refs #6595

  • We have improved our recognition of inline disable and enable comments. It is now possible to disable bad-option-value inline (as long as you disable it before the bad option value is raised, i.e. disable=bad-option-value,bad-message not disable=bad-message,bad-option-value ) as well as certain other previously unsupported messages.

    Closes #3312

  • Fixed a crash in the unused-private-member checker involving chained private attributes.

    Closes #6709

  • Added new checker comparison-of-constants.

    Closes #6076

  • pylint.pyreverse.ASTWalker has been removed, as it was only used internally by a single child class.

    Refs #6712

  • pyreverse: Resolving and displaying implemented interfaces that are defined by the __implements__ attribute has been deprecated and will be removed in 3.0.

    Refs #6713

  • Fix syntax for return type annotations in MermaidJS diagrams produced with pyreverse.

    Closes #6467

  • Fix type annotations of class and instance attributes using the alternative union syntax in pyreverse diagrams.

  • Fix unexpected-special-method-signature false positive for __init_subclass__ methods with one or more arguments.

    Closes #6644

  • Started ignoring underscore as a local variable for too-many-locals.

    Closes #6488

  • Improved wording of the message of deprecated-module

    Closes #6169

  • Pylint now requires Python 3.7.2 or newer to run.

    Closes #4301

  • BaseChecker classes now require the linter argument to be passed.

  • Fix a failure to respect inline disables for fixme occurring on the last line of a module when pylint is launched with --enable=fixme.

  • Update invalid-slots-object message to show bad object rather than its inferred value.

    Closes #6101

  • The main checker name is now main instead of master. The configuration does not need to be updated as sections' name are optional.

    Closes #5467

  • Don't report useless-super-delegation for the __hash__ method in classes that also override the __eq__ method.

    Closes #3934

  • Added new checker typevar-name-mismatch: TypeVar must be assigned to a variable with the same name as its name argument.

    Closes #5224

  • Pylint can now be installed with an extra-require called spelling (pip install pylint[spelling]). This will add pyenchant to pylint's dependencies. You will still need to install the requirements for pyenchant (the enchant library and any dictionaries) yourself. You will also need to set the spelling-dict option.

    Refs #6462

  • Removed the assign-to-new-keyword message as there are no new keywords in the supported Python versions any longer.

    Closes #4683

  • Fixed a crash in the not-an-iterable checker involving multiple starred expressions inside a call.

    Closes #6372

  • Fixed a crash in the docparams extension involving raising the result of a function.

  • Fixed failure to enable deprecated-module after a disable=all by making ImportsChecker solely responsible for emitting deprecated-module instead of sharing responsibility with StdlibChecker. (This could have led to double messages.)

  • The no-init (W0232) warning has been removed. It's ok to not have an __init__ in a class.

    Closes #2409

  • The config attribute of BaseChecker has been deprecated. You can use checker.linter.config to access the global configuration object instead of a checker-specific object.

    Refs #5392

  • The level attribute of BaseChecker has been deprecated: everything is now displayed in --help, all the time.

    Refs #5392

  • The options_providers attribute of ArgumentsManager has been deprecated.

    Refs #5392

  • The option_groups attribute of PyLinter has been deprecated.

    Refs #5392

  • All Interface classes in pylint.interfaces have been deprecated. You can subclass the respective normal classes to get the same behaviour. The __implements__ functionality was based on a rejected PEP from 2001: https://peps.python.org/pep-0245/

    Closes #2287

  • The set_option method of BaseChecker has been deprecated. You can use checker.linter.set_option to set an option on the global configuration object instead of a checker-specific object.

    Refs #5392

  • implicit-str-concat will now be raised on calls like open("myfile.txt" "a+b") too.

    Closes #6441

  • The config attribute of PyLinter is now of the argparse.Namespace type instead of optparse.Values.

    Refs #5392

  • MapReduceMixin has been deprecated. BaseChecker now implements get_map_data and reduce_map_data. If a checker actually needs to reduce data it should define get_map_data as returning something different than None and let its reduce_map_data handle a list of the types returned by get_map_data. An example can be seen by looking at pylint/checkers/similar.py.

  • UnsupportedAction has been deprecated.

    Refs #5392

  • OptionsManagerMixIn has been deprecated.

    Refs #5392

  • OptionParser has been deprecated.

    Refs #5392

  • Option has been deprecated.

    Refs #5392

  • OptionsProviderMixIn has been deprecated.

    Refs #5392

  • ConfigurationMixIn has been deprecated.

    Refs #5392

  • get_global_config has been deprecated. You can now access all global options from checker.linter.config.

    Refs #5392

  • OptionsManagerMixIn has been replaced with ArgumentsManager. ArgumentsManager is considered private API and most methods that were public on OptionsManagerMixIn have now been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

    Refs #5392

  • OptionsProviderMixIn has been replaced with ArgumentsProvider. ArgumentsProvider is considered private API and most methods that were public on OptionsProviderMixIn have now been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

    Refs #5392

  • interfaces.implements has been deprecated and will be removed in 3.0. Please use standard inheritance patterns instead of __implements__.

    Refs #2287

  • invalid-enum-extension: Used when a class tries to extend an inherited Enum class.

    Closes #5501

  • Added the unrecognized-option message. Raised if we encounter any unrecognized options.

    Closes #5259

  • Added new checker typevar-double-variance: The "covariant" and "contravariant" keyword arguments cannot both be set to "True" in a TypeVar.

    Closes #5895

  • Re-enable checker bad-docstring-quotes for Python <= 3.7.

    Closes #6087

  • Removed the broken generate-man option.

    Closes #5283 Closes #1887

  • Fix false negative for bad-string-format-type if the value to be formatted is passed in as a variable holding a constant.

  • Add new check unnecessary-dunder-call for unnecessary dunder method calls.

    Closes #5936 Closes #6074

  • The cache-max-size-none checker has been renamed to method-cache-max-size-none.

    Closes #5670

  • The method-cache-max-size-none checker will now also check functools.cache.

    Closes #5670

  • unnecessary-lambda-assignment: Lambda expression assigned to a variable. Define a function using the "def" keyword instead. unnecessary-direct-lambda-call: Lambda expression called directly. Execute the expression inline instead.

    Closes #5976

  • potential-index-error: Emitted when the index of a list or tuple exceeds its length. This checker is currently quite conservative to avoid false positives. We welcome suggestions for improvements.

    Closes #578

  • Added optional extension redefined-loop-name to emit messages when a loop variable is redefined in the loop body.

    Closes #5072

  • Changed message type from redefined-outer-name to redefined-loop-name (optional extension) for redefinitions of outer loop variables by inner loops.

    Closes #5608

  • The ignore-mixin-members option has been deprecated. You should now use the new ignored-checks-for-mixins option.

    Closes #5205

  • bad-option-value will be emitted whenever a configuration value or command line invocation includes an unknown message.

    Closes #4324

  • Avoid reporting superfluous-parens on expressions using the is not operator.

    Closes #5930

  • Added the super-without-brackets checker, raised when a super call is missing its brackets.

    Closes #4008

  • Added the generate-toml-config option.

    Refs #5462

  • Added new checker unnecessary-list-index-lookup for indexing into a list while iterating over enumerate().

    Closes #4525

  • Fix falsely issuing useless-suppression on the wrong-import-position checker.

    Closes #5219

  • Fixed false positive no-member for Enums with self-defined members.

    Closes #5138

  • Fix false negative for no-member when attempting to assign an instance attribute to itself without any prior assignment.

    Closes #1555

  • The concept of checker priority has been removed.

  • Add a new command line option --minimal-messages-config for pytest, which disables all irrelevant messages when running the functional tests.

  • duplicate-argument-name now only raises once for each set of duplicated arguments.

  • Fix bug where specifically enabling just await-outside-async was not possible.

  • The set_config_directly decorator has been removed.

  • Added new message called duplicate-value which identifies duplicate values inside sets.

    Closes #5880

  • Pylint now expands the user path (i.e. ~ to home/yusef/) and expands environment variables (i.e. home/$USER/$project to home/yusef/pylint for USER=yusef and project=pylint) for pyreverse's output-directory, import-graph, ext-import-graph, int-import-graph options, and the spell checker's spelling-private-dict-file option.

    Refs #6493

  • Created NoSelfUseChecker extension and moved the no-self-use check. You now need to explicitly enable this check using load-plugins=pylint.extensions.no_self_use.

    Closes #5502

  • Fix saving of persistent data files in environments where the user's cache directory and the linted file are on a different drive.

    Closes #6394

  • Don't emit unsubscriptable-object for string annotations. Pylint doesn't check if class is only generic in type stubs only.

    Closes #4369 and #6523

  • Fix pyreverse crash RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration

    Refs #6612

  • Fix bug where it writes a plain text error message to stdout, invalidating output formats.

    Closes #6597

  • is_class_subscriptable_pep585_with_postponed_evaluation_enabled has been deprecated. Use is_postponed_evaluation_enabled(node) and is_node_in_type_annotation_context(node) instead.

    Refs #6536

  • Update ranges for using-constant-test and missing-parentheses-for-call-in-test error messages.

  • Don't emit no-member inside type annotations with from __future__ import annotations.

    Closes #6594