redefined-argument-from-local / R1704ΒΆ

Message emitted:

Redefining argument with the local name %r


Used when a local name is redefining an argument, which might suggest a potential error. This is taken in account only for a handful of name binding operations, such as for iteration, with statement assignment and exception handler assignment.

Problematic code:

def show(host_id=10.11):
    # +1: [redefined-argument-from-local]
    for host_id, host in [[12.13, "Venus"], [14.15, "Mars"]]:
        print(host_id, host)

Correct code:

def show(host_id=10.11):
    for inner_host_id, host in [[12.13, "Venus"], [14.15, "Mars"]]:
        print(host_id, inner_host_id, host)

Created by the refactoring checker.