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What's New in Pylint 2.1.1?

Release date: 2018-08-07

  • fix pylint crash due to misplaced-format-function not correctly handling class attribute.

    Closes #2384

  • Do not emit *-builtin for Python 3 builtin checks when the builtin is used inside a try-except

    Closes #2228

  • simplifiable-if-statement not emitted when dealing with subscripts

What's New in Pylint 2.1?

Release date: 2018-08-01

  • trailing-comma-tuple gets emitted for yield statements as well.

    Closes #2363

  • Get only the arguments of the scope function for redefined-argument-from-local

    Closes #2364

  • Add a check misplaced-format-function which is emitted if format function is used on non str object.

    Closes #2200

  • chain.from_iterable no longer emits dict-{}-not-iterating when dealing with dict values and keys

  • Demote the try-except-raise message from an error to a warning (E0705 -> W0706)

    Closes #2323

  • Correctly handle the new name of the Python implementation of the abc module.

    Closes pylint-dev/astroid#2288

  • Modules with __getattr__ are exempted by default from no-member

    There's no easy way to figure out if a module has a particular member when the said module uses __getattr__, which is a new addition to Python 3.7. Instead we assume the safe thing to do, in the same way we do for classes, and skip those modules from checking.

    Closes #2331

  • Fix a false positive invalid name message when method or attribute name is longer then 30 characters.

    Closes #2047

  • Include the type of the next branch in no-else-return

    Closes #2295

  • Fix inconsistent behaviour for bad-continuation on first line of file

    Closes #2281

  • Fix not being able to disable certain messages on the last line through the global disable option

Closes #2278

  • Don't emit useless-return when we have a single statement that is the return itself

    We still want to be explicit when a function is supposed to return an optional value; even though pass could still work, it's not explicit enough and the function might look like it's missing an implementation.

    Closes #2300

  • Fix false-positive undefined-variable for self referential class name in lamdbas

    Closes #704

  • Don't crash when pylint is unable to infer the value of an argument to next()

    Closes #2316

  • Don't emit not-an-iterable when dealing with async iterators.

    But do emit it when using the usual iteration protocol against async iterators.

    Closes #2311

  • Can specify a default docstring type for when the check cannot guess the type

    Closes #1169