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What's New in Pylint 2.12.2?

Release date: 2021-11-25

  • Fixed a false positive for unused-import where everything was not analyzed properly inside typing guards.

  • Fixed a false-positive regression for used-before-assignment for typed variables in the body of class methods that reference the same class

    Closes #5342

  • Specified that the ignore-paths option considers "" to represent a windows directory delimiter instead of a regular expression escape character.

  • Fixed a crash with the ignore-paths option when invoking the option via the command line.

    Closes #5437

  • Fixed handling of Sphinx-style parameter docstrings with asterisks. These should be escaped with by prepending a "".

    Closes #5406

  • Add endLine and endColumn keys to output of JSONReporter.

    Closes #5380

  • Fixed handling of Google-style parameter specifications where descriptions are on the line following the parameter name. These were generating false positives for missing-param-doc.

    Closes #5452

  • Fix false negative for consider-iterating-dictionary during membership checks encapsulated in iterables or not in checks

    Closes #5323

  • unused-import now check all ancestors for typing guards

    Closes #5316

What's New in Pylint 2.12.1?

Release date: 2021-11-25

  • Require Python 3.6.2 to run pylint.

    Closes #5065

What's New in Pylint 2.12.0?

Release date: 2021-11-24

  • Upgrade astroid to 2.9.0

    Closes #4982

  • Add ability to add end_line and end_column to the --msg-template option. With the standard TextReporter this will add the line and column number of the end of a node to the output of Pylint. If these numbers are unknown, they are represented by an empty string.

  • Introduced primer tests and a configuration tests framework. The helper classes available in pylint/testutil/ are still unstable and might be modified in the near future.

    Closes #4412 #5287

  • Fix install graphiz message which isn't needed for puml output format.

  • MessageTest of the unittest testutil now requires the confidence attribute to match the expected value. If none is provided it is set to UNDEFINED.

  • add_message of the unittest testutil now actually handles the col_offset parameter and allows it to be checked against actual output in a test.

  • Fix a crash in the check_elif extensions where an undetected if in a comprehension with an if statement within an f-string resulted in an out of range error. The checker no longer relies on counting if statements anymore and uses known if statements locations instead. It should not crash on badly parsed if statements anymore.

  • Fix simplify-boolean-expression when condition can be inferred as False.

    Closes #5200

  • Fix exception when pyreverse parses property function of a class.

  • The functional testutils now accept end_lineno and end_column. Expected output files without these will trigger a DeprecationWarning. Expected output files can be easily updated with the python tests/test_functional.py --update-functional-output command.

  • The functional testutils now correctly check the distinction between HIGH and UNDEFINED confidence. Expected output files without defined confidence levels will now trigger a DeprecationWarning. Expected output files can be easily updated with the python tests/test_functional.py --update-functional-output command.

  • The functional test runner now supports the option min_pyver_end_position to control on which python versions the end_lineno and end_column attributes should be checked. The default value is 3.8.

  • Fix accept-no-yields-doc and accept-no-return-doc not allowing missing yield or return documentation when a docstring is partially correct

    Closes #5223

  • Add an optional extension consider-using-any-or-all : Emitted when a for loop only produces a boolean and could be replaced by any or all using a generator. Also suggests a suitable any or all statement.

    Closes #5008

  • Properly identify parameters with no documentation and add new message called missing-any-param-doc

    Closes #3799

  • Add checkers overridden-final-method & subclassed-final-class

    Closes #3197

  • Fixed protected-access for accessing of attributes and methods of inner classes

    Closes #3066

  • Added support for ModuleNotFoundError (import-error and no-name-in-module). ModuleNotFoundError inherits from ImportError and was added in Python 3.6

  • undefined-variable now correctly flags variables which only receive a type annotations and never get assigned a value

    Closes #5140

  • undefined-variable now correctly considers the line numbering and order of classes used in metaclass declarations

    Closes #4031

  • used-before-assignment now correctly considers references to classes as type annotation or default values in first-level methods

    Closes #3771

  • undefined-variable and unused-variable now correctly trigger for assignment expressions in functions defaults

    Refs #3688

  • undefined-variable now correctly triggers for assignment expressions in if ... else statements This includes a basic form of control flow inference for if ... else statements using constant boolean values

    Closes #3688

  • Added the --enable-all-extensions command line option. It will load all available extensions which can be listed by running --list-extensions

  • Fix bug with importing namespace packages with relative imports

    Closes #2967 and #5131

  • Improve and flatten unused-wildcard-import message

    Closes #3859

  • In length checker, len-as-condition has been renamed as use-implicit-booleaness-not-len in order to be consistent with use-implicit-booleaness-not-comparison.

  • Created new UnsupportedVersionChecker checker class that includes checks for features not supported by all versions indicated by a py-version.

    • Added using-f-string-in-unsupported-version checker. Issued when py-version is set to a version that does not support f-strings (< 3.6)

  • Fix useless-super-delegation false positive when default keyword argument is a variable.

  • Properly emit duplicate-key when Enum members are duplicate dictionary keys

    Closes #5150

  • Use py-version setting for alternative union syntax check (PEP 604), instead of the Python interpreter version.

  • Subclasses of dict are regarded as reversible by the bad-reversed-sequence checker (Python 3.8 onwards).

    Closes #4981

  • Support configuring mixin class pattern via mixin-class-rgx

  • Added new checker use-implicit-booleaness-not-comparison: Emitted when collection literal comparison is being used to check for emptiness.

    Closes #4774

  • missing-param-doc now correctly parses asterisks for variable length and keyword parameters

    Closes #3733

  • missing-param-doc now correctly handles Numpy parameter documentation without explicit typing

    Closes #5222

  • pylint no longer crashes when checking assignment expressions within if-statements

    Closes #5178

  • Update literal-comparison` checker to ignore tuple literals

    Closes #3031

  • Normalize the input to the ignore-paths option to allow both Posix and Windows paths

    Closes #5194

  • Fix double emitting of not-callable on inferable properties

    Closes #4426

  • self-cls-assignment now also considers tuple assignment

  • Fix missing-function-docstring not being able to check __init__ and other magic methods even if the no-docstring-rgx setting was set to do so

  • Added using-final-decorator-in-unsupported-version checker. Issued when py-version is set to a version that does not support typing.final (< 3.8)

  • Added configuration option exclude-too-few-public-methods to allow excluding classes from the min-public-methods checker.

    Closes #3370

  • The --jobs parameter now fallbacks to 1 if the host operating system does not have functioning shared semaphore implementation.

    Closes #5216

  • Fix crash for unused-private-member when checking private members on __class__

    Closes #5261

  • Crashes when a list is encountered in a toml configuration do not happen anymore.

    Closes #4580

  • Moved misplaced-comparison-constant to its own extension comparison_placement. This checker was opinionated and now no longer a default. It can be reactived by adding pylint.extensions.comparison_placement to load-plugins in your config.

    Closes #1064

  • A new bad-configuration-section checker was added that will emit for misplaced option in pylint's top level namespace for toml configuration. Top-level dictionaries or option defined in the wrong section will still silently not be taken into account, which is tracked in a follow-up issue.

    Follow-up in #5259

  • Fix crash for protected-access on (outer) class traversal

  • Added new checker useless-with-lock to find incorrect usage of with statement and threading module locks. Emitted when with threading.Lock(): is used instead of with lock_instance:.

    Closes #5208

  • Make yn validator case insensitive, to allow for True and False in config files.

  • Fix crash on open() calls when the mode argument is not a simple string.

    Fixes part of #5321

  • Inheriting from a class that implements __class_getitem__ no longer raises inherit-non-class.

  • Pyreverse - Add the project root directory to sys.path

    Closes #2479

  • Don't emit consider-using-f-string if py-version is set to Python < 3.6. f-strings were added in Python 3.6

    Closes #5019

  • Fix regression for unspecified-encoding with pathlib.Path.read_text()

    Closes #5029

  • Don't emit consider-using-f-string if the variables to be interpolated include a backslash

  • Fixed false positive for cell-var-from-loop when variable is used as the default value for a keyword-only parameter.

    Closes #5012

  • Fix false-positive undefined-variable with Lambda, IfExp, and assignment expression.

  • Fix false-positive useless-suppression for wrong-import-order

    Closes #2366

  • Fixed toml dependency issue

    Closes #5066

  • Fix false-positive useless-suppression for line-too-long

    Closes #4212

  • Fixed invalid-name not checking parameters of overwritten base object methods

    Closes #3614

  • Fixed crash in consider-using-f-string if format is not called

    Closes #5058

  • Fix crash with AssignAttr in if TYPE_CHECKING blocks.

    Closes #5111

  • Improve node information for invalid-name on function argument.

  • Prevent return type checkers being called on functions with ellipses as body

    Closes #4736

  • Add is_sys_guard and is_typing_guard helper functions from astroid to pylint.checkers.utils.

  • Fix regression on ClassDef inference

    Closes #5030 Closes #5036

  • Fix regression on Compare node inference

    Closes #5048

  • Fix false-positive isinstance-second-argument-not-valid-type with typing.Callable.

    Closes #3507 Closes #5087

  • It is now recommended to do pylint development on Python 3.8 or higher. This allows using the latest ast parser.

  • All standard jobs in the pylint CI now run on Python 3.8 by default. We still support python 3.6 and 3.7 and run tests for those interpreters.

  • TypingChecker

    • Fix false-negative for deprecated-typing-alias and consider-using-alias with typing.Type + typing.Callable.