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What's New in Pylint 1.9?

Release date: 2018-05-15

  • Added two new Python 3 porting checks, exception-escape and comprehension-escape

    These two are emitted whenever pylint detects that a variable defined in the said blocks is used outside of the given block. On Python 3 these values are deleted.

  • Added a new deprecated-sys-function, emitted when accessing removed sys members.

  • Added xreadlines-attribute, emitted when the xreadlines() attribute is accessed.

  • The Python 3 porting mode can now run with Python 3 as well.

  • docparams extension allows abstract methods to document what overriding implementations should return, and to raise NotImplementedError without documenting it.

    Closes #2044

  • Special methods do not count towards too-few-methods, and are considered part of the public API.

  • Enum classes do not trigger too-few-methods

    Closes #605

  • Added a new Python 2/3 check for accessing operator.div, which is removed in Python 3

    Closes #1936

  • Added a new Python 2/3 check for accessing removed urllib functions

    Closes #1997