missing-timeout / W3101ΒΆ

Message emitted:

Missing timeout argument for method '%s' can cause your program to hang indefinitely


Used when a method needs a 'timeout' parameter in order to avoid waiting for a long time. If no timeout is specified explicitly the default value is used. For example for 'requests' the program will never time out (i.e. hang indefinitely).

Problematic code:

import requests

requests.post("http://localhost")  # [missing-timeout]

Correct code:

import requests

requests.post("http://localhost", timeout=10)

Additional details:

You can add new methods that should have a defined `timeout argument as qualified names in the timeout-methods option, for example:

  • requests.api.get

  • requests.api.head

  • requests.api.options

  • requests.api.patch

  • requests.api.post

  • requests.api.put

  • requests.api.request

Created by the method_args checker.