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What's New in Pylint 2.3.0?

Release date: 2019-02-27

  • Protect against NonDeducibleTypeHierarchy when calling semi-private is_subtype

    astroid.helpers.is_subtype raises NonDeducibleTypeHierarchy when it cannot infer the base classes of the given types, but that makes sense in its context given that the method is mostly used to inform the inference process about the hierarchy of classes. Doesn't make that much sense for pylint itself, which is why we're handling the exception here, rather than in astroid

    Closes pylint-dev/astroid#644

  • Added a new command line option list-groups for listing all the check groups pylint knows about.

  • Allow BaseException for emitting broad-except, just like Exception.

    Closes #2741

  • Fixed a crash that occurred for bad-str-strip-call when strip() received None

    Closes #2743

  • Don't emit *-not-iterating checks for builtins consumed by itertools

    Closes #2731

  • Fix a crash caused by iterating over Uninferable in a string formatting check.

    Closes #2727

  • Fixed false positives for no-self-argument and unsubscriptable-object when using __class_getitem__ (new in Python 3.7)

    Closes #2416

  • Support Ellipsis as a synonym for pass statements.

    Closes #2718

  • fixme gets triggered only on comments.

    Closes #2321

  • Fixed a false positive for unused-variable and nonlocal assignments

    Closes #2671

  • Added load_configuration() hook for plugins

    New optional hook for plugins is added: load_configuration(). This hook is executed after configuration is loaded to prevent overwriting plugin specific configuration via user-based configuration.

    Closes #2635

  • Fix missing-raises-doc false positive (W9006)

    Closes #1502

  • Exempt starred unpacking from *-not-iterating Python 3 checks

    Closes #2651

  • Make compare-to-zero less zealous by checking against equality and identity

    Closes #2645

  • Add no-else-raise warning (R1720)

    Closes #2558

  • Exempt yield from from *-not-iterating Python 3 checks.

    Closes #2643

  • Fix incorrect generation of no-else-return warnings (R1705)

    Fixed issue where if statements with nested if statements were incorrectly being flagged as no-else-return in some cases and not being flagged as no-else-return in other cases. Added tests for verification and updated pylint source files to eliminate newly exposed warnings.

  • Fix false positive with not-async-context-manager caused by not understanding contextlib.asynccontextmanager

    Closes #2440

  • Refactor bad-reversed-sequence to account for more objects that can define __reversed__

    One such object would be an enum class, for which __reversed__ yields each individual enum. As such, the check for bad-reversed-sequence needs to not differentiate between classes and instances when it comes for checking of __reversed__ presence.

    Closes #2598

  • Added wrong-exception-operation

    Used when an operation is done against an exception, but the operation is not valid for the exception in question. Usually emitted when having binary operations between exceptions in except handlers.

    Closes #2494

  • no-member is emitted for enums when they lack a member

    Previously we weren't doing this because we detected a __getattr__ implementation on the Enum class (and this check is skipped for classes with __getattr__), but that is fine for Enums, given that they are inferred in a customised way in astroid.

    Closes #2565

  • Generalize chained-comparison

    Previous version incorrectly detects a < b < c and b < d and fails to detect a < b < c and c < d.

  • Avoid popping __main__ when using multiple jobs

    Closes #2689

  • Add a new option 'check-str-concat-over-line-jumps' to check 'implicit-str-concat-in-sequence'

  • Fixes for the new style logging format linter.

    The number of arguments was not handled properly, leading to an always successful check.

  • Fix false positive not-callable for uninferable properties.

  • Fix false positive useless-else-on-loop if the break is deep in the else of an inner loop.

  • Minor improvements to the help text for a few options.